The Mother of the Bride Dress Upper Arm Dilemma

Cabotine Dress | Mother of the bride dress | La Creme BoutiqueAt La Crème Boutique, we know the search for that special mother of the bride outfit for your daughter or son’s big day is a big deal. The wedding day will be one full of emotions, giggles, smiles, the odd tear, catching up with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while and dancing with the best of them until your feet start to sing.

So of course you want to make sure you look and feel amazing, you want a mother of the bride dress that’s going to make the most of your assets and hide the areas you’re worried about. Thankfully at La Crème Boutique, that’s what we love doing. Over the years we’ve made many a mother of the bride literally float out of the store on a high, with her perfect outfit under her arm.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll bring you some of our top style tips on how to choose a mother of the bride outfit to truly flatter your figure. This week we’re looking at a problem area that affects many women, namely the upper arms.

While we weren’t all graced with Michelle Obama style arms, that doesn’t mean you should have to be limited in what you wear, especially on your son or daughter’s wedding day. You don’t want to be wrapped up in something unflattering or unsuitable because the idea of showing off your upper arm area leaves you with a sense of dread. Yet you don’t want to be pressured to go for a sleeveless dress that leaves you feeling self-conscious all day either. Luckily we’re here to help and with our style know-how we can show you several on-trend outfits that are cleverly tailored to subtly hide the upper arm area, yet still have you looking and feeling a million dollars.

Cabotine Dress | Mother of the bride dress | La Creme BoutiqueOur Cabotine Ice Blue  and Hot Pink Lace  Dresses, offer the ultimate blend of style and savvy thanks to their chic lace half sleeves. What you want from a dress that works to address the upper arms is three things. Firstly you want it to conceal the area, without fully hiding it away. Secondly, you want the sleeve to unconsciously draw the eye away from the upper arm area where the problem lies. And finally, you want the solution to be a seamless part of the dress, so that it doesn’t look like you’re trying to do anything other than look stunning! Both of these head-turning dresses do all three.

Of course you may want to hide a little more than just your upper arm area and again we’ve got plenty of mother of the bride dresses to fit the bill. Take our Irresistible Silver Lace Top Dress  with a longer sleeve. The delicate and pretty floral detailing seamlessly goes right down the sleeve to camouflage any worrisome arm areas without compromising on the dresses overall style, that’s just perfect for the big day.

For more  Mother of the Bride Dresses- view some of our collection here.


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