Clever Style Tips for Less than Perfect Figures

body shapes

Not all of us fit into neat categories, especially when it comes to our body shapes and figures. Follow our expert advice on how to choose the right fit and shop for your shape, leaving you looking and feeling fantastic.


Slim Pear-Shaped Hips

Body Shape: Tall and pear shaped

The Solution: Aim to create a more balanced shape with clever use of proportions, patterns and colour. Use horizontal stripes to make you look taller and slimmer, just wear larger stripes on top, and smaller finer ones to minimise your broader hips. Avoid wider pleats and baggy drawstring waistlines.

Choose the Right Fit: Swing skirts and fit-and-flare shapes are flattering for you. Focus on details that will bring the eye upwards e.g. statement earrings, a long pendant or a belt worn above the natural waistline.

Shop for Your Shape: Use shape-wear to streamline your hips and thighs – Spanx or control pants of some kind should be an essential part of your underwear wardrobe.


A Larger Bust

Body Shape: Minimise a top-heavy bust by creating the illusion of as much length as possible between your bust and your waist. This will elongate you and make your bust appear more in proportion.

The Solution: Start with getting fitted for the perfect bra. Matching the right type of bra to your outfit is essential. If you’re uncertain of what suits you, get expert advice.

Choose the Right Fit: Button through styles and V necks are always flattering, particularly worn loose and flowing rather than tucked in and up-tight (which can make a larger bust appear even larger).

Shop for Your Shape: Avoid anything too tight or clingy – sometimes a larger size in a shapelier top is the best option. Don’t be afraid of colour – you can still wear bright attractive shades and celebrate your curves.


A Wobbly Tummy

Body Shape: Statuesque and tall, a fuller sized figure in a size 16 or larger.

The Solution: Trimming the tummy area to get a more flattering fit is desirable for almost every woman. You can dress thinner instantly by using clever styling tricks such as maximising your curves with pleats, drapes and tucks to disguise and flatter a less that taut tum.

Choose the Right Fit: Strategically placed details such as blocks of contrasting darker shades or clever graphic prints in just the right place can minimise a midriff bulge.

Shop for Your Shape: Avoid clothes that are too baggy – they will just add to your girth. Tuck in your tummy, hold yourself straight and emphasise good points, such as your legs, with sexy high heels.


A Thick Waist

Body Shape: Petite with a fuller bust and a thicker waist.

The Solution: Sculpting a waistline for greater figure definition will instantly give a slimmer appearance. Avoid full, floaty tops which will only add inches.

Choose the Right Fit: Instantly create the illusion of a smaller waist with a pencil skirt or shift dress with hold-you in seaming and cinch your waist in with a narrow statement belt that sits on the slimmest part of the waist. Avoid wider belts especially is you are petite as they will instantly shorten you.

Shop for Your Shape: Choose a great pair of high-waisted control briefs that will give you waist curves and emphasise the waistline.


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